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Let's work together to figure out a plan that works for your
business, your goals, your vision that incorporates the powerful use of storytelling and video to bring your message to life! 

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I'm ready to help you bring your message to life. Pick a Strategy Plan that fits your needs and let's get started!

1-Hour Story SPARK

Do you think, "Where do I start? What do I share? How do I put all the pieces of my story together?"
-- the Story Spark is for you! 

In one short hour, you'll have clarity on your story and feel confident to share it. 


30-Day Visibility Plan

In order to build momentum in your business, you need to be visible. We'll identify key brand stories, and create a content plan you can easily execute. 

The best part is this 30-day plan is duplicatable month after month


90-Day GROW Circle

If you desire real coaching, feedback and support with super-charged results, this 3-month program is our most comprehensive approach. 

We link arms, set weekly objectives, offer personalized feedback, and watch you fly. 


Hear from our Clients

We are so proud of their results!

"I had a call with April this week about telling my story. My hope was that people would be attracted to my special gifts and talents and hire me to help them! I have been running my business for a few years, without a story! Within a few days of working with April I nailed it, it just flowed and made sense. I felt like my story came to life in HD! Thanks to April and her special gifts of helping me and others tell their story! "

Story Spark client


Don't stay stuck! Let's chat about your needs and create a plan that works for you!

" I was seeking clarity on telling my story: I didn’t know what components I needed to include or how to communicate them. April ‘interviewed’ me to tease out the elements needed for my story and also to flush out into my awareness where I was going off on tangents, and reflected this back to me. Since working with April, I have confidently told my story when being interviewed for a summit and on live-streams, and the response has been fantastic! April is a master at what she does and I highly recommend that you contact her to help you craft your story too!"

Visibility client

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