Let's Customize a Visibility Plan that gets you out of Hiding & into the Feeds (and Hearts!) of your Ideal Client using the Power of YOUR STORY!!!

The best part is... you will have me every step of the way creating a plan that 100% works for you!

Here's how the 1:1 Coaching & Visibility Plan works: 

  • We start with identifying the key places you need to be Visible to achieve your Goals. 
  • We identify how your story fits in, and more importantly, key parts of your story relevant to share!
  • We discuss ways to engage with your audience to draw them into your Tribe using your story, and storytelling in general (I give you loads of ideas and prompts!) 
  • We build out a solid roadmap of content, FB lives, blog posts, topics of discussion, podcasts, speaking topics, book chapters, etc.
  • We meet bi-weekly for a coaching call to create action steps for the weeks ahead.
  • You have unlimited access to me via Voxer & Client Trello board for ongoing communication, support & coaching in between our calls. 
  • You can choose between a 3- or 5-month plan, depending on the type of goals you have and how much support you desire.
  • You will take action towards being visible with your message, you will hone in on your best topics and value propositions for your audience, and you will have a solid handle on how incorporating storytelling into your business can engage your audience, so you can continue to GROW!
  • Improve your visibility, get super clear on your message & story, and learn to really engage with your audience that will set you up for massive growth in your business. 
  • The 5-month package comes with additional resources. My tools become your tools. Whatever you need to accomplish the goals inside our engagement, I make available. 
  • NOTE: This only works if YOU are committed to the process and take action -- even if it's uncomfortable -- to be more visible with your audience
  • At the end of our agreement, if you desire extended Coaching or next level program I offer, we can discuss at that time. Current clients receive priority on my calendar. 



"April taught me how to tell my story and made such a big difference for me."  -- Phyllis P., Franchise Coach

"April, you have been pivotal in my changes. You are really living your mission and making a difference in the life of so many." -- Diana D., Wellness Expert

"April has helped me find my story and voice in such a beautiful way. I highly recommend her!" -- Debi C.,  Bookkeeper & Accounting Mentor

"Everything I learned from working with April is still impacting me today. My story has evolved and I have gone back to what I've learned many times, to dig deeper and get even more clarity. It's lead me to where I am today, building a very fulfilling passion-based business. Thank you April, for all you do!" -- Elvira C., Intuitive Transformational Coach



1:1 Private Coaching

Choose the plan that works best for you & your goals.

3 Month Journey


  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited Messenger support
  • Customized Client Trello Board
  • Weekly assignments, prompts, and strategic action plans
  • Payment Plans are available. 
I AM READY. Let's Start!

5 month Experience


  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls 
  • Unlimited Messenger support
  • Customized Client Trello Board
  • Weekly assignments, prompts, and strategic action plans
  • BONUS: FREE ACCESS to Visibility Accelerator Membership 
  • Payment Plans are available. 
I AM READY. Let's Start!

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